“Through Unity We Serve”

What is the current Status for Shia in the UK?

We are the currently the only religious community in the UK that does not have a recognised single united leadership speaking for the community.

What are the Aims and Aspirations of the UKSMC?

To have a central national independent body that will:

  1. Serve as unifying body for all exiting Shia Institutions to better achieve their united goal
  2. Exist with an Aim to unify, develop, enhance and serve the interests, and welfare of the Shia Muslim community through the coordination of the existing Shia Institutions
  3. Recognise, aid and serve the Shia Muslims in order to integrate the community so that it is able to contribute not only to its own development but also to that of the society in general, by promoting the teachings and practises of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the Ahlulbayt.
  4. Vigilantly represent the interests of Shias in the central (and local) government as well as other political establishments, media bodies, other Muslim organisations, NGO’s and other charitable organisations.
  5. Evolve and formulate policies and strategies to respond to the above aims.

Important announcement:

Safety Guidelines for Muharram/Safar:

•             Travelling to Iraq

•             Local Commemoration – Islamic imagery

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